ChaiBlog: Riki Drazin

I had a remarkable opportunity the other week. Sarah is 11 years old, and had never been to camp before. She’s fighting cancer, and when I broached the subject of Camp Simcha, her parents were skeptical. “Leave us for 2 weeks? You must not know Sarah! She still sleeps in our bed! There’s no way … Read more

Chai Spotlight: Heidi Wilk

My husband Matthew and I worked next door to each other and we often took the subway together, it was our alone time as a couple. We would catch up, vent about delays, or laugh at the often-ridiculous characters that inhabit the TTC. But one ride I will never forget is the one after we … Read more

Montreal Volunteer Appreciation

Chloe told me that volunteering with Chai Lifeline is one of the better decisions she’s ever made. She’s a leader in the Big Sister program, and keeps finding new things that she shares with Maya, her Little Sister. “We’re both really energetic, and love the outdoors, so there’s never a dull moment when I’m with … Read more

Meet our Summer Interns

Welcome to our Toronto Interns (left to right), Dov Sitnik, Zack Babins, Renee Lurie and Levana Ouanounou!

Zack is our PR intern. He loves talking about stories and telling them. His favourite bagel is a Montreal-style sesame seed, and (somewhat) proudly hails from North of Steeles.

Renee and Levana are interning with our Case Management team. Renee is going to medical school in September. She says that working with Chai Lifeline’s families is a great way to prepare for daily life in Pediatrics.

Levana’s favourite city to visit is Jerusalem. She lived there for the last two years and wants to work at Chai Lifeline after volunteering here and seeing the smiles on our families faces.

Dov is our Development intern and is inspired by all the kids he’s met as a Chai Lifeline volunteer. His favourite colour is orange.


ChaiSpotlight: Taly Shewchuk

Camp Simcha is a remedy for happiness. Being a single mother, working full time, with 2 teenage kids, is hard enough. Having to deal with my daughter Kayla’s Thyroid Cancer only adds more challenges to daily life. Kayla was looking forward to Camp Simcha. As soon as we received the email, Kayla was literally jumping … Read more


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