Camp Simcha is a remedy for happiness. Being a single mother, working full time, with 2 teenage kids, is hard enough. Having to deal with my daughter Kayla’s Thyroid Cancer only adds more challenges to daily life.

Kayla was looking forward to Camp Simcha. As soon as we received the email, Kayla was literally jumping for joy.

Camp Simcha is the place that Kayla is truly happy.  The warm, caring environment gives her the opportunity to be a kid from wake-up to bedtime. No stress, no responsibilities, just fun, acceptance, love and happiness. For a child under such stress, Camp Simcha is an absolute blessing.

It’s a relief for me to give my child such an amazing, loving experience. When she’s at camp, I don’t have to worry, for even one second, about her happiness. The warmth and love from each and every member of the staff is truly heartening. Kayla is the happiest kid there.

Kayla’s vacation is enough for both of us. While I know she’s having fun in a warm, safe environment, I get to recharge and be myself, so that when she returns I can provide her with the strength we both need. When I get to welcome her home, her stories and excitement are infectious. Her smile in that moment makes me believe, even for just a few minutes, that she’s just like every other kid coming home from camp.

Thank you to the amazing staff and volunteers for their time, energy, and love. Thank you Chai Lifeline Canada, and Camp Simcha for everything! Thank you for giving my daughter her childhood back.

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  1. Ita Wilk says:

    Good luck to Kayla, you and your family! Happy summer.

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