When life is at it’s darkest for our families – they may have lost a child, spouse, or have a critically ill member of the family – we are there to help them any way that we can.

What does that look like? It looks like a million small and big actions that come together to help carry our families through the hardest time of their lives. Our Case Managers are there to support our Chai kids and families, doing everything in their power to make this time of crisis less daunting and overwhelming.

Heidi and Matthew connected with Chai Lifeline Canada when they received Matthew’s diagnosis of brain cancer. They started their relationship with us while Matthew was fighting a hard battle and we were able to help relieve some of their anxiety. Sadly, Matthew passed and Heidi needed support more than ever. Heidi reflected on her Case Manager and the role she played in helping Heidi through some of her lowest moments:

Rifky was on call for me 24/7 for anything and everything I needed. After Matthew passed away, just knowing she was there helped ease my anxiety. I would call her for advice about everything from school decisions to therapy recommendations. She would listen without judgment and offered me her professional and personal advice. She helped fill the void of a second ear that I was missing. She empowered me to believe that I was making the right decisions for my family and made me feel “normal.”

One of our Case Managers, Shmuel, invites you to tag along as he heads out to visit one of our Chai kids. Watch the video to see how we try to bring a smile to the faces of those who need it the most. 

The Case Manager program wouldn’t exist without the generosity of people like YOU. We ask you to find in your heart to continue your support of the programs and for our Chai families who need it the most. 

Want to help support our Case Managers and the work they do? Make a donation to Chai Lifeline Canada and help connect our Case Managers with even more families