Imagine being at rock bottom. One of your children is seriously ill and you have two other children to take care of. You have to take months off work to take your child to appointments and care for them but your spouse can’t take any time off because you need money to pay the bills. You can’t keep up with day-to-day household tasks because so much of your time is dedicated to being a caregiver but you also can’t afford to hire someone to help. Everything feels daunting and you never feel like there is a reprieve. 

Unfortunately, these compounding stresses are a reality for many of our Chai families when either a parent or child is seriously ill or living with a debilitating disease. There aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of everything that needs to get done.

That’s where our Case Managers come in. Their role is to work with our families to help relieve as many burdens as possible – from arranging transportation to medical appointments, having meals delivered, and making hospital visits, to organizing childcare, ensuring the fridge is stocked, and helping the family find additional community supports. Our Case Managers are dedicated to helping families through the hardest times in their lives.

Right before a new year starts, we invite you to follow Shmuel and see what it means to be a Chai Lifeline Canada Case Manager. For case managers, giving back to those in need is a way of life. Here’s how…

The Case Manager program wouldn’t exist without the generosity of people like YOU. We ask you to find in your heart to continue your support of the programs and for our Chai families who need it the most. 

Want to help support our Case Managers and the work they do? Make a donation to Chai Lifeline Canada and help connect our Case Managers with even more families.