At Chai Lifeline Canada we have the honour of knowing some phenomenal people. In Their Own Words is an ongoing series on our blog in which we give space to them to share their experience, insights and wisdom.

The relationships that we build through our work can be reflected in the phrase “in tow” – as in we are towing them and their families along with our support and love. They in turn, tow us along with their wisdom and inspiration. This series, In Their Own Words, or #InTOW, shines a light on all of it.

This first #InTow instalment features 2 of our Chai Warrior Mothers’ social media posts about the Coronavirus, social distancing and isolation. They are transcribed verbatim and shared with their permission.

Social Distancing and Isolation During Corona - Cancer PatientsRenee, Mom of 2, blogger at My So Called Mommy Life, Stage IV Breast Cancer THRIVER. You can find and follow Renee on Instagram @mscmommylife.

“I was recently complaining to my husband that we don’t eat enough meals together as a family because our schedules are too hectic.

Well….guess what?! Now all our meals are together! Ha. But it’s been so nice to have time to cook together and eat together without rushing off to dance or hockey.

This Covid-19 pandemic is crazy, but like living with terminal cancer, there can be so much beauty in the darkness. From families spending quality time together, to communities coming together to support their most vulnerable, to neighbours singing on their balconies to connect with on each other. It’s really beautiful to watch and experience.

Even though we are stuck at home, I’m focusing on the positive which is being able to reconnect without lots of external distractions and I call that a win!

Let’s brighten this scary time by sharing some positives in your life right now. Let’s focus on the good.”


Cindi is a social worker, mom of 2, including  7 year-old son #sweetEthan, who battled brain cancer since December 2018. Cindi’s hopeful and positive attitude through this journey has been inspiring to people all over the world. You can find and follow Cindi on Instagram @Cindiloo2.

“As a mother of a child who has gone through cancer treatment, I know all about hand sanitizing, social distancing, isolation and fear. I’ve lived through it along with all the other warrior parents I know. Lysol wipes, gloves, masks, weekly preventative antibiotics for over a year. It’s been our life and for some it still is…Trying to keep our kids safe even when treatment is finished, there is still a worry of what would happen if they were to get sick after their bodies have been through so much but also balancing them having a “normal life.”

We are already prepared for this scary time because our experiences have given us no choice. During these moments I worry about all of the sweet cancer kids – the kids in treatment, the kids out of treatment and their families because life has been hard enough. Thinking of all the little warrior kids and parents always.

Also thinking of the other immune compromised seniors and vulnerable people. Please check in with your neighbours. Stay safe. Wash your hands. Sneeze in your sleeve. Avoid large crowds and enjoy your precious quarantine time with loved ones because I’ve net some special people on this journey that would love to have the opportunity to hold their kids tight.

It’s a scary time for sure, but we will get through this.”



Do you have a story, wisdom or insight to that you want to share in your own words as part of our #InTow series? If you are or have been a Chai Lifeline family, volunteer, donor, sponsor or friend, please email Candace at [email protected] to share you #InTow story.