In the past couple of months, our mission, to support children and families who are affected by life-threatening and life-long illness, has become more urgent. Covid-19 affects everyone in some way. Whether it be caring for family members who contracted the virus, coping with anxiety and isolation at home, managing working at home while home … Read more

As we begin to accept the new reality that we are facing regarding the social distancing and self isolation, many of us are struggling with how to handle having everyone at home all day, every day. This is not what we do, right? We are used to sending our children to school for the day, … Read more

At Chai Lifeline Canada we have the honour of knowing some phenomenal people. In Their Own Words is an ongoing series on our blog in which we give space to them to share their experience, insights and wisdom. The relationships that we build through our work can be reflected in the phrase “in tow” – … Read more