Hope Lives Here…with Devori

Hope Lives Here…with Devori Devori Kadosh, a Chai Lifeline Canada case manager, has always had a passion for helping people, though she hasn’t always worked in a related field. When the opportunity to be a part of Chai Lifeline Montreal’s team came up, she decided to go for it since she had the desire and […]

Camp Lifeline 2020: Out of the box fun, in the bubble safe.

When Covid-19 hit Canada and everything started shutting down, nobody knew what the future would hold. Parents had to work from home and children had to adapt to learning on Zoom. However, there was always the hope that when summer came, everyone would get a breather and enjoy their summer as normal. But nothing changed […]

Chai Blog: Tour De Simcha

In Tehillim (Psalms), David Hamelech, King David, writes, “The world is built upon kindness” (89, 3).   This phrase is the foundation of my being.  The foundation I grew up with as the daughter of parents and granddaughter to grandparents who constantly gave to our community in Montreal.   As a result of that foundation, […]