Why I look Forward to the Summer

Why I Look Forward to the Summer By: Tammy Zaldin As a Torontonian teacher, there are many reasons why I look to the summer. The weather, the sun and vitamin D, watching my own children thrive in their recreational programs, reading for fun and being able to do more for Chai Lifeline Canada. During the […]

Rena’s Perspective of Camp Simcha Special

Rena’s Perspective of Camp Simcha Special By Rena Dayan I’m in awe. inspired. major respect I keep thinking just wow as I sit and reflectChildren, so young, so pure, with such capabilitiesNothing holding them back not even diagnoses and disabilities Kids that can’t see have learned to really listenThose that can’t walk, they have another mission CP of […]

Camp Lifeline 2022

Camp Lifeline 2022 We may be a little biassed, but Camp Lifeline might just be the best summer camp in the city. The campers show up every morning looking forward to a day of fun and we never let them down! When activities include foam parties, fire shows, petting zoos, carnivals, science shows, splash pads, […]