2020. This will be the year that you’ll talk about for many years to come. It will be the one your grandchildren won’t believe really happened. You’ll tell them:

“We didn’t go to school for months.”

“We stayed home and hung out with our friends online”

“We didn’t see anyone other than our family – the people live with – at all.”

“Everything was cancelled. School. Sports. Concerts. Prom. Graduation. Camp.”

These last weeks and months have been hard and has impacted everything – including mental health. Knowing that, we all need to be aware and be there – for ourselves and each other.

On Sunday June 28th  at 8pm we are hosting a special evening program for youth, by youth
Join us on Zoom for a Jack Talk – for youth about mental health


The date and time has been set knowing that this is when – under normal circumstances – school would be ending and you would have your duffel bags packed and ready to head to camp – or as so many feel – home. On this day and the days that follow, the feelings are going to set in or deepen and this program is about bringing you together to check in with yourself and one another.

Jack.org is Canada’s only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health. Youth talking to youth about mental health. Jack Talks are facilitated by trained and certified youth speakers who use the power of personal stories and mental health education to inspire, engage, educate, and equip young people to look out for themselves and their peers.


The Jack Talk is about an hour and hits the following five components:

  1. Mental health knowledge.
  2. How to be there for yourself and the importance of self care and self awareness.
  3. How to be there for others. 5 Golden Rules on supporting others.
  4. Community supports and how to find local resources.
  5. How to get involved in youth mental health advocacy.


Meet Hailey and Sadia, Our Jack Talk Speakers

Hailey Appel: Hailey was born and raised in Thornhill and is pursuing her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Creative Advertising at Humber College. Hailey has been involved with the Jack Talks and Jack Summit program for two years, and recently founded a Jack Chapter at Humber. Hailey is deeply passionate about ending the stigma surrounding mental illness because she has seen and personally felt the impact that it has. She believes that it is important for everyone to understand that we all have mental health and need to take care of ourselves, even when we are feeling our best.


Sadia Fazelyar: Sadia is currently a student at Ryerson University in their Media Production program. She loves to watch movies and create them herself. She is extremely passionate about ending the silence around mental health and eliminating stigma in her community. She believes everyone should feel comfortable when seeking support.


For more information about Jack.org, please visit their website.



If you are a school, organization, camp or synagogue that would like to join us as a partner and share this event with the young people in your community, please contact [email protected], we would love to welcome you.

Meet our co-hosts, Chai Warriors and friends, Jess Rosenbloom and Sammy Belitzky.

Chai Lifeline Canada is known as an organization that provides support to children and families affected by life-threatening illness. We provide support, programs and services to all members of a family in our care. When COVID-19 hit and our entire world went into isolation, we came to see that we are all currently affected by life-threatening illness and so our net is cast wider. To learn more about our work click here.