Every dream has a beginning.

Every story has a start.

This is my dream and my story.

My name is Naomi Hofman and I am the volunteer coordinator for Chai Lifeline, Montreal. At present, we service over 100 hundred families, all with varied needs- providing dinners, volunteer shifts at the hospital, home respite care, and a Big sister/Little sister program to name a few.

My involvement in Chai Lifeline has been a journey. I now sit in an office with case managers, coordinators and secretaries. But I began my involvement with Chai Lifeline as a volunteer eight years ago when there were only 2 families who were managed by our Toronto office. I was assigned a little sister and I became a part of her family.

Eight years ago with her family’s proud support I ran my first marathon. This year I ran the Miami marathon in her memory. I have watched Chai Lifeline Montreal evolve from merely a fleeting fantasy, to a pulsating, vibrating, framework that provides strength and hope to both the families and the volunteers that they have touched. I have been on both sides of the desk- as a volunteer and now working from within. What constantly awes and amazes me are my volunteers- they are all busy people,
holding down jobs, going to school, running busy families. And yet. Chai Lifeline is not just about volunteering. It is their life! They are eager to help, anxious to offer support, ready and willing when the call comes.

All dreams need support. My volunteers make those dreams come true.


Naomi is the Montreal Volunteer Coordinator. She can be reached at [email protected]

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