At least one study has shown that boys who have a Big Brother have higher self-esteem.

Immune deficiencies, disability or dependence on medical equipment can limit opportunities for socialization and impede the development of meaningful relationships. Our remedy is a full year of activities for young patients and their siblings that build confidence, abilities, and friendships. Socializing with others living with illness, loss and adversity in their homes helps normalize their situations and helps them find strength through laughter and shared experiences. The activities have another benefit: they enable parents whose time is usually occupied by a sick child to focus on other children or their own needs.



Friends ‘n Fun weekends, in memory of Sari Ort, a’h
Louis Wertenteil Heart-to-Heart (Big Brothers and Sisters, individual and group activities)
Ari Adler Adventures in Art


Big Brothers and Big Sisters offered mentoring, leadership, and friendship in 2015.​

“The wonderful girls you sent over added so much to our lives. We don’t know of too many young adults who willingly give up their free time for other people’s children.”