Seeing our Chai children in pain is one of the hardest parts of doing the work we do at Chai Lifeline Canada. The surgeries, the needles, the chemo, the radiation – resulting in tears, sleepless nights, fear, and isolation.

Can you imagine being a child who is stuck in a hospital room for weeks on end, suffering through daily procedures, seeing your parents worried and stressed, not being able to visit with your friends, and knowing that tomorrow will bring more pain?

No child should be without a community during these horrible moments in their lives and that’s why our Case Managers are such an integral part of the work Chai Lifeline Canada does. Our Case Managers are there to hold hands, share the pain, support the parents, and bring as much normalcy as possible during a time when their lives are turned upside down.


Shmuel, one of our Case Managers, is back with another video to give you a peek into what it is like to support our Chai children. Shmuel will do anything to bring a smile to the faces of our children.

The Case Manager program wouldn’t exist without the generosity of people like YOU. We ask you to find in your heart to continue your support of the programs and for our Chai families who need it the most. 

Want to help support our Case Managers and the work they do? Make a donation to Chai Lifeline Canada and help connect our Case Managers with even more families