When a child is diagnosed with an illness, they face a host of challenges from the treatment protocol and the after-effects. Chai Lifeline Canada recognized these challenges and began to provide equine therapy to those children in need.

The connection between a horse and its rider is a magical bond, inspiring mutual trust and shared responsibility with the common goal of empowerment. Therapeutic riding programs improve the lives of riders by helping them develop greater physical, cognitive, psychological and social skills.

The horse provides a focus for learning with immediate feedback, resulting in diminished levels of anxiety and hyperactivity, and improved self-esteem, cognitive, perceptual and sensory-motor skills.

Riders experience the joy of success and a mastery of skills through the accomplishment of learning concepts, accomplishing tasks, improving focus, and striving for and achieving progressive goals.
We are grateful for the generous support from The JP Bickell Foundation and Scotia Wealth Management for making this new therapy available to our Chai Lifeline kids!