Why Donate to the Chai Lifeline Canada Toy Drive?

Every child and every circumstance is unique. Not every family has our story. Some, faced with medical bills, may not have the extra money to purchase toys. Parents busy with a child in the hospital have limited time and access to toy shopping. Their holidays are very different from ours. Rather than rejoicing in the miracle of Chanukah with their friends, seriously ill children and their families can feel isolated, sad and depressed, especially during the holidays.

Chai Lifeline Canada is proud to be able to collect toys in order to help children facing every possible setback. Each toy donation will put a smile on a child’s face, encouraging their imagination and coping skills, decreasing their stress and helping them hope beyond their current circumstances.

Each toy donation you make creates great impact! A smile, a laugh, a conversation, a distraction. Help us shine some light this Chanukah!

With the click of a mouse, you can put a toy in the hands of a child who will realize someone understands their circumstance and confirm that through your efforts, love is the true message of the holiday season. Give a child the validation they need to have fun and something to look forward to this season.