At Chai Lifeline Canada we have the honour of knowing some phenomenal people. In Their Own Words is an ongoing series on our blog in which we give space to them to share their experience, insights and wisdom.

The relationships that we build through our work can be reflected in the phrase “in tow” – as in we are towing them and their families along with our support and love. They in turn, tow us along with their wisdom and inspiration. This series, In Their Own Words, or #InTOW, shines a light on all of it.

This #InTow instalment features a social media post about the what vulnerability looks like and why she is asking everyone to #stayhome as directed.


Jess, is 16 years old and living with a brain tumour, but she is not defined by it. She is living and loving each day with hope and positive energy. You can find and follow Jess on Instagram @onetoughcookieclub

Everybody is talking about vulnerable people…Who are they?

It’s not just your parents and grandparents.

This is vulnerable. [I am vulnerable.]

We all know what is currently going on with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Things are getting scary and serious.

But why are people still going to malls, friends houses and birthday parties?

Maybe it’s because when you think of vulnerable you only think of the very young or very old.

Maybe because you think there aren’t many vulnerable people.

Maybe it’s because it’s not real to those of you who can’t put a face to what vulnerable means.

So here it is.

From the outside, I look like a normal, healthy, teenage girl. But the inside looks very different. The inside is an inoperable brain tumour, epilepsy, autonomic dysfunction and respiratory conditions such as asthma and PVFM. A list of conditions that make be especially vulnerable to coronavirus.

So, the next time you think it’s not a big deal to go out and socialize, think again. Stay home, wash your hands and practice social distancing! You have the ability to save lives by just staying home and watching movies – it’s that easy!

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