PENINA’S HELPING HAND provides support to young children who have a seriously ill parent. It is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary woman who will always be remembered for her love, compassion, and tzedaka. A special trip to Orlando's Walt Disney World is an annual experience for these children. 20 kids join together for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure which aims to help bring hope to children and their families.

What can’t 4 magical days in Orlando’s Walt Disney World do for a young child living with an ill parent at home? On the one hand, they are children. They want to play, eat tasty snacks, do their homework, and have fun family days out on the weekends. On the other hand, they are riddled with anxiety about the unknown. What is going to happen to their mom or dad? Who will take care of them? Are they going to be ok? Why is the world picking on them and their family?


Jeremy Rubinoff experienced a loss at the age of 12 when his mother Penina passed away. A true beacon of hope, love and compassion, Jeremy decided to create Penina’s Helping Hand in his mother’s name, a subsidiary to Chai Lifeline Canada. Of the many services PHH offers to Chai Lifeline Warriors, Jeremy is most proud of our annual Walt Disney Trip.


Occurring annually in the summer time, our Disney Trip takes 20 kids ages 10+ for an adventure of a lifetime. Meeting other children experiencing similar environments at home is both therapeutic and life changing. They are not alone, there are other kids just like them! 20 shy kids literally become best friends by the end of the 4th day and do not want to go home. These bonds last, our Chai Warriors staying friends with each other, supporting and learning from one another. 

"Growing up,

my siblings and I could have desperately used Penina's Helping Hand's services. I started the charity, dedicating it in my mother's memory, because I wanted to take my experience and use it to help others dealing with the same experience as I had." - Jeremy Rubinoff


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“I haven't seen them this excited in a long time. Thank you for showing them that life goes on and they can still have fun and enjoy. It is a much more valuable lesson learned through experience than words.”