Present for Life: Chai Lifeline Canada Fights Illness With Love

This article originally appeared in Global Heroes. November 2021.

When a child is born with or develops a serious illness,
every member of the family and every aspect of every day is impacted. 

Chai Lifeline Canada is a non-profit organization that is passionately devoted to supporting children and families facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses.

Each family is paired with a dedicated Case Manager, who provides immediate support, ongoing guidance and access to programs and services, including therapeutic support, tutoring, family getaways, and everything in between. Chai Lifeline Canada goes above and beyond to nurture families through professional, social, and emotional guidance and financial aid. This powerful combination builds resilience in families and restores hope as they face their most difficult challenges.

“The five most meaningful and comforting words a parent can hear when they are lost and distraught are ‘here’s how we can help.’ The team at Chai Lifeline never asked what we needed but instead told us what they could offer. It’s a small nuance but one that makes all the difference when you can hardly think for yourself.” — Jacqlyn, Chai Lifeline Canada mom

Illness puts an emotional and financial strain on the family. Parents often find that their daily work-life balance is made even more challenging when their child is in and out of the hospital, sometimes even travelling for treatment. While medical teams at the hospital are focused on the immediate health of an ill baby, child, or teenager, Chai Lifeline Canada’s team is dedicated to the wellbeing of the patient, their siblings, and their parents by working to support families every step of the way—from rides to and from appointments, after-school programs and medically-supervised summer camps, and so much more.

Chai Lifeline Canada’s extensive network of volunteers step up every day as ‘Big Siblings’ to offer friendship, prepare and deliver hot meals to families, and deliver toys to children at home and in hospital. Donors make it possible for Chai Lifeline Canada to live its mission of ‘fighting illness with love’ by sponsoring programs or contributing to their annual holiday toy drive that keeps their toy room stocked throughout the year.

Each year more than 1000 toys, books, and games donated by individuals, corporations, and school drives bring smiles and joy to children who are impacted by illness. When Chai Lifeline Canada Case Managers or volunteers show up with special gifts selected just for them, they know that they are loved.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child; for families facing the challenges and strain of illness, Chai Lifeline Canada is their village—the support they never knew they needed.

Join Chai Lifeline in supporting families who rely on their help every day.