• Chai Lifeline Canada endorses and enforces its policies and practices to prevent child abuse. Our first priority in all youth programs is care and safety. We make every effort to prevent child abuse/neglect; verbal, physical, emotional or sexual. Abuse or neglect defined by Ontario law that warrants investigation may include the following list: a parent or person in charge causing physical injury to a child, a parent or other person in charge sexually molests or uses a child for sexual purposes or knowingly fails to protect a child from sexual abuse, a parent or other person in charge causes emotional harm or fails to protect a child from emotional harm that results from verbal abuse, mental abuse and psychological abuse such as threatening, frightening, or bullying a child or when a child's parent or other person in charge does not provide for a child's physical, developmental, emotional or psychological needs.

    Signs of behavior that appear abusive or neglectful of children must be reported to Jewish Family and Child Services at 416-638-7800. An intake officer will gather the necessary information over the phone and walk you through the process which may include sending more support out to families in need. The duty to call lies on you personally and not Chai Lifeline Canada according to the Ontario law, however please notify the volunteer coordinator at Chai Lifeline Canada if you have had to make a call to report a family as we would like to support you and help you through the process.

    Chai Lifeline Canada families are often dealing with serious illness and traumatic situations. Routines at home are often disrupted and may look dysfunctional but do not need to be reported. Examples of behavior that should be discussed with the volunteer office at Chai Lifeline Canada so more support can be provided; lack of food in the fridge, open medication on the counter or within reach of children, children not being bathed for an extended period of time, child reports being hurt, extensive stress in the home, child under 10 being left home alone etc. Any of these situations above are areas where additional Chai Lifeline Canada services may be of help to the family.

    If there is ever immediate harm to a child please call 911.

    Contact Guidelines:

    • Chai Lifeline Canada's goals are to support and strengthen the family unit, to help children develop to their fullest potential and to deliver the program in a positive environment of safety, support and care.
    • Volunteers must treat children of all races, religions and cultures with respect. Chai Lifeline Canada's mission is not focused on religious practice but on social support. Our families encounter Chai Lifeline Canada during vulnerable times therefore we ask you not to influence their religious practice or lack thereof.
    • Volunteers will portray a positive role model for youth by maintaining an attitude of respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, tack and maturity.
    • Volunteers must use positive techniques of guidance, including positive reinforcement and encouragement rather than competition, comparison or criticism.
    • Volunteers shall not abuse children in any way including physically, verbally, sexually and mentally.

    I understand that there is a clear power difference between me and a child and that inappropriate touch can have severe emotional and psychological effects on that child for a lifetime.No public displays of affection are appropriate.Please remain in public places whenever possible. Please set physical limits with children who cling or hang onto you. Never hit a child nor give back rubs or massages, not touch a child in a place that is usually covered by a bathing suit. If you need to take a child to the bathroom please let another adult know where you will be and what you will be doing.Please do not hold a child on your lap. Volunteers shall not use profanity in the presence of children or adults.

    Volunteers shall not accept money or expensive gifts.

    Smoking or use of tobacco in the presence of Chai Lifeline Canada children is prohibited.

    Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be tolerated during volunteer hours and is strictly prohibited.

    Volunteers should understand that any violation of the above Safety Policies may be grounds for removal as a volunteer.

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