Meet our Summer Interns

Welcome to our Toronto Interns (left to right), Dov Sitnik, Zack Babins, Renee Lurie and Levana Ouanounou!

Zack is our PR intern. He loves talking about stories and telling them. His favourite bagel is a Montreal-style sesame seed, and (somewhat) proudly hails from North of Steeles.

Renee and Levana are interning with our Case Management team. Renee is going to medical school in September. She says that working with Chai Lifeline’s families is a great way to prepare for daily life in Pediatrics.

Levana’s favourite city to visit is Jerusalem. She lived there for the last two years and wants to work at Chai Lifeline after volunteering here and seeing the smiles on our families faces.

Dov is our Development intern and is inspired by all the kids he’s met as a Chai Lifeline volunteer. His favourite colour is orange.


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